3 Helpful Reflections During Shelter-In-Place

Apr 21, 2020

By Jordan Francis 

Shelter in place has been instituted for almost a month in the state of Arizona. There are rumblings of our state reopening as early as May 1st. The world as we know it will never be the same again (in my opinion).

The only word I can find that accurately sums up my experience at this time is, strange...

Though this situation has come at great cost for many, I feel like there are 3 things we can do that are of great value to us during this lockdown.


1) It is a unique opportunity to reflect and evaluate.

It’s rare that in the busyness of our western lives we get the opportunity to slow down. Our whole country, for the most part, has stopped moving, which gives us the opportunity to ask some unique questions and discover real answers.

Here are some questions I have been pondering lately:

- Does my life look the way I envisaged it?

- Am I paying attention to the people in my life that are most important to me?

- Am I paying attention to the people in my life that I am most important to?

- Do I have healthy ways of dealing with stress, fear, and anxiety in my life?

It would be easy to look at those questions, answer them quickly and move on, but would we be doing ourselves and our loved one's justice if we did?

We have the space to listen and be honest with ourselves during this lockdown and we should take advantage of it. Coming to the truth can be a little more of a journey than just the first thing that comes to our minds.

Often our internal responses can be steeped in self-justification, the blame of others, or maybe the worst of them all, shame.

If we do the hard work of answering difficult questions we can gain a new level of self-awareness which allows us then to go on and improve the way we live in the future.


2) This is a unique opportunity to do things you have always wanted to do

In the rat race of life is the place where dreams go to die. We all had aspirations of achieving our dreams when we were young, but for many of us, life got in the way. 

Some of us are still holding onto that dream or maybe have new ones?

Learning a language? 

Learning an instrument?

Starting a business?

The list is endless...

Is this the pause you needed to stop and think through how you could go after that dream?

This moment has helped us see the fragility of life, maybe it’s time we start living it to the full?


3) This is a unique opportunity to do nothing at all

But maybe I’m overlooking the most important part of this whole thing...

The opportunity to stop...completely 

Not to think about the future nor to be introspective about the past, but to rest and to reset. 

I have had several moments in my life where I was running too fast emotionally, spiritually, psychologically and physically into aspirations and not pacing myself.

When the opportunity came to slow down I found I couldn't get out of bed for days because my body, mind, and soul finally had the opportunity to tell me I needed to STOP.

For some of us, the greatest thing we can do with this time of lockdown is absolutely nothing at all...

If you are wrestling with what you need, ask those closest to you. They will be able to provide some helpful guidance. 

Wherever you find yourself, I hope this isn’t another opportunity we squander to discover what we truly need and to lean into it. 



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